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I’ve finally started soldering my own silver jewellery now, so I guess I can call myself a silversmith (albeit an amateur one).

It’s something I really enjoy doing and will give me the chance to create a wider range of sea glass jewellery. The larger range will include sea glass set in a bezel, this can then be used for necklaces, rings and brooches. I will also have a play with creating unique shapes, pendants and designs that surround the sea glass, just to make it all a bit more unique and interesting hopefully!

Please take a look at some of my soldered items I have done below so far and feel free to comment with your thoughts and suggestions.

Thank you for reading 🙂

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Sea glass colours

Sea glass comes in a wide range of colours, but some are much harder to come across.

On our beach combing adventures, looking for sea glass mostly, we normally come across a lot of whites, browns and emerald greens. White and brown glass was mass produced for utilitarian use as bottles and containers such as milk bottles and beer bottles.

Every now and then though, we come across some beautiful cobalt and cornflour blues, these are harder to find, especially as beach combing becomes more popular. So finding some that has been nicely shaped and smoothed by the sea is a great moment.

A lot of colours are still eluded by us, we have never come across the most rarest of colours, red and orange. A well made piece of jewellery containing one of these colours can fetch quite a bit of money. So if you ever come across one, don’t let go of it!

Other colours that aren’t as rare but we have still not come across include yellow, black, grey, pink and opaque white (milk glass). Hopefully one day one of these special colours will make an appearance for us.

Have a look at the guide below, showing the most common through to the rarest of colours:

So keep your eyes open on the beaches and let us know if you find any of the colours, we would love to see your own finds. We can even turn your own sea glass into jewellery for you!

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