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I’ve finally started soldering my own silver jewellery now, so I guess I can call myself a silversmith (albeit an amateur one).

It’s something I really enjoy doing and will give me the chance to create a wider range of sea glass jewellery. The larger range will include sea glass set in a bezel, this can then be used for necklaces, rings and brooches. I will also have a play with creating unique shapes, pendants and designs that surround the sea glass, just to make it all a bit more unique and interesting hopefully!

Please take a look at some of my soldered items I have done below so far and feel free to comment with your thoughts and suggestions.

Thank you for reading 🙂

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Welcome to Moray Sea Glass Jewellery

Hello and welcome to Moray Sea Glass Jewellery. We are a family based in Roseisle, near Burghead Moray that love combing the beaches for sea glass, pottery and other unique treasures.

After making jewellery for family members, we thought we would have a go at making and selling sea glass jewellery to anyone else that thinks these unique items look stunning as pieces of handmade jewellery.

Keep an eye out as new items will be added all the time, remember each item is unique, so once it’s sold it’s gone! We will try and keep a good variety on our store, and more and more products will be added after our beach trip adventures.

Thank you for visiting!